Delilah Double Ended Eyebrow Groomer - Exclusive

Описание и характеристики

Achieve expert brows with the delilah Cosmetics Double Ended Eyebrow Groomer. This dual pencil boasts a soft, waxy formula at one end, gliding on effortlessly to help shape and define your brows with natural-looking, hair-like strokes. Designed to frame and fill in sparser areas, the retractable brow pencil features an angled, slanted tip to equip you with ultimate control and precision. The opposite end of this versatile product showcases a convenient spoolie, ideal for grooming and taming unruly, unshapely hairs. The pigmented eyebrow groomer is the perfect way to carve out your arches and create a flawless, fuller shape with none of the fuss. Paraben-Free, Vegan.

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