Caudalie Grape Water Pink Limited Edition 200ml

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Soothe and refresh tired complexions with the Caudalie Grape Water Pink Limited Edition. Boasting 100% organic ingredients, this rejuvenating face mist helps to tone and moisturise the skin for a thoroughly hydrated, balanced and healthy-looking visage. The comforting formula is enriched with conditioning Polysaccharides and fortifying Mineral Salts which work to revive the appearance of dullness and dryness while boosting the skin with a nourishing surge of hydration. Ideal for use on all skin types from normal to sensitive, this cooling facial spray enhances lacklustre complexions with its nurturing and replenishing qualities, leaving the visage looking calm and fresh. Housed in limited edition berry pink packaging, the bottle’s design reflects the mineral-rich formula within, taking inspiration from the French Vineyards in which the 100% organic ingredients are sourced. Fragrance-Free

Обновлено: 03.07.2020

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