Oral-B Pro 600 Sensi UltraThin Power Handle Electric Toothbrush - Blue

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Upkeep your dazzling pearly whites with Oral-B’s Pro 600 Sensi UltraThin Power Handle Electric Toothbrush; a rechargeable toothbrush designed by dentists for sensitive mouths, that effectively removes food, plaque and surface stains without irritating or inflaming the gums. Part of the oral hygiene and health technology brand’s PRO range, the sleek and ergonomically-designed lithium battery-powered Pro 600 handle offers a daily cleaning mode with the click of the button. A quadrant timer, which notifies you every 30 seconds to change the area you’re brushing, ensures you fulfil the dentist-recommended 2 minutes for an even cleanse. Oral-B’s round Sensi UltraThin brush head puts in the rest of the work; inspired by dentistry tools, its round shape and petal-shaped bristles surrounds each individual tooth with oscillating, rotating and pulsating action to dislodge and remove up to 100% more plaque than an ordinary, manual toothbrush. Professional-grade and super-effective, the brush heads are fitted with a combination of soft, fine bristles that are gentle on sensitive gums and regular bristles that are tough on plaque. Indicator® bristles that fade (in colour) halfway signal when your brush head needs replacing (dentists recommend replacement of brush heads every 3-4 months). Compatible with all Oral-B rechargeable toothbrushes, except Pulsonic. Complete with a charger stand.

Обновлено: 10.07.2020

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