Sepai Flawless Lift Face and Neck Serum 50ml

Описание и характеристики

Address signs of ageing with the Sepai Flawless Lift Face and Neck Serum; a firming and re-densifying formula that delivers an anti-gravity effect with high-performance results. Absorbing quickly without residue, the toning and tightening serum is powered by Retin-less technology, which safely mimics the properties of retinoids to tackle common concerns, including wrinkles, sagging skin and lack of firmness and elasticity, without the negative effects of Retinol. The innovative lifting treatment utilises carefully selected active ingredients that help to reinforce the skin's architecture for a smoother, younger-looking appearance. Babchi Seed Extract is combined with Mediterranean Crystal Tears (a precious oil extracted by supercritical CO2 technology from the Greek Pistacia Lentiscus tree) to promote a refined and sculpted face, neck and décolleté with improved tone and texture. The 'Flawless' range takes inspiration from the concept of 'Wabi-sabi', a Japanese movement that celebrates the 'beauty in imperfection'. Suitable for all skin types. Vegan. Dermatologist tested. Free from fillers (silicones), allergens, toxins, oil derivatives, parabens and more.

Обновлено: 26.06.2020

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